Paul Levinson

Paul Levinson's novels include The Silk Code (winner Locus Award, Best 1st Science Fiction Novel of 1999) & The Plot To Save Socrates. His nonfiction including Fake News in Real Context has been translated into 15 languages. 

Review of Somewhere 1.2
a day ago
A strong second episode of Somewhere Between last night, which answers some questions and sets out some ground rules for this story. First, Nico saved Laura from drowning and both went back in time — ...
Review of Westworld 1.8
2 days ago
Much revealed in this excellent episode 1.8 of Westworld. Probably the most important: there are two kinds of programs afoot in Westworld, two kinds of stories (or two kinds of kinds of stories, to be...
Review of Somewhere Between
2 days ago
Somewhere Between debuted on ABC last night. It has possibilities, including exploration of time travel, always one of my favorite kinds of narrative. The set-up is Laura Price, whose eight-year-old d...
Review of Westworld 1.7
3 days ago
"I don't wanna be in a story," Dolores says to William, who later provides the best possible Westworld answer, telling Dolores the life he's been living outside is a lie, and the most truth he's ever ...
Review of Twin Peaks: The Return 1.11
3 days ago
Well, Agent Cooper finally got a piece of cherry pie in Twin Peaks: The Return 1.11 last night -- in fact, two slices! -- as well as his life being spared by Jim Belushi's character and his dream. But...
Review of Westworld 1.6
6 days ago
An outstanding Westworld 1.6 -- the series gets better and better, Isaac Asimov (author of the three later four laws of robotics would've loved it) -- and in this episode jumps into some of the real p...