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Outrun Stories #5 

Outrun Stories
in Fiction

He backed away, one arm around the young girl’s neck, the revolver in the hand of the other, sliding them both across the tiled floor. “You don’t know me, man! You don’t fucking know me!” Kwalski lit ...

Brutalist Stories #5 

Brutalist Stories
in Fiction

Wake, rise. Sit for a moment to address oneself and the absurdity that the world around hosts with equal measures of fear and contempt. Remove covers from lap, turn, place bare feet on Formica floor. ...

Mirror Cube

Ian Richardson
in Fiction

Since 2020, the Year of vision, we have been told that the universe is infinitely large but, as I said in my last post, (see Kaleidoscope Part 1) the universe is actually very small. Tiny. It’s vastne...

Alex The Inventor-Chapter 5

G.F. Brynn
in Fiction

For Chapters 1 - 4, Go To: DeepSkyStories.com

Spring-Clean by Proxy

Robert Bayley
in Fiction

Emily Weeks cutting her knee on a piece of glass was only one way the bleak future could have made itself known. But it was dramatic enough. Emily found a beetle on its back in the school sandpit. She...

The Adventures of Erin Bailey, Time Traveling Extraordinaire

J.C. S.
in Fiction

Three's a Party

The Wings of Leonardo

Timothy Trimble
in Fiction

Francesco stood on the very edge of the cliff, his arms spread wide, and his eyes open as wide as the distant sun above the horizon. The winds from the ocean washed over him with a constant intensity....


Alberto Pupo
in Fiction

Lost in thought, feeling so wired… this incredible high from the amphetamines is so powerful. Many call it an addiction, however, he has discovered it goes beyond that. This is a way of life. Everythi...

Out of This World Science TED Talks

Anthony Gramuglia
in Science

As Bill Nye (who needs to make TED Talks) once told us, "Science rules!" Everything runs on science, for it programs the universe around us to follow a set order and logic. But what if there are rules...

Star Trek Tricorders Left The Science Fiction Realm to Become Science Reality

Susan Fourtané
in Science

According to the Qualcomm Tricorder XPrize device requirements, the research teams were expected to develop a device with the following characteristics: - The device cannot weight more than five pound...

Beyond the Colony (Part One)

Adam McCaulley
in Fiction

The boys had just turned eighteen and part of the celebration was taking the walk. It was the first time the boys were allowed to walk around outside of the colony. Not that it was that special in a c...