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The Year 2525

Dr. Williams
in Science

"In the Year 2525, if man is still alive, if women can survive, they may find." That opening to one of the most memorable hit songs of the late 60's set a very ominous tone for the future of mankind. ...

Concerning Reality

RJ Plant
in Science

In 2005, an article regarding the importance of visual input vs auditory input in relation to spatial information gathering came out of Stanford University School of Medicine’s Department of Neurobiol...

Keyboard Killer (Chapter Six)

Rj saxon
in Fiction

Chapter six (Present day.) Tom logged out and closed the lid of his laptop, just as his girlfriend walked through the door. "Did you get my 3 D prints, the structural planning is tomorrow," said Jane ...

One'll Get You Thirty-Six

jeff racho
in Fiction

“Dad, Mr. Rebacky is concerned about your behavior,” Mike said. “Snapping at the other residents. Staying in your room all day. Maybe you should talk to one of the therapists.” J.J. Carlton didn't loo...

The Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise Doesn’t Exactly Throw you for a Loop

Rich Monetti
in Entertainment

Earth has been invaded yet again by Science Fiction aliens, and lucky for the species, Tom Cruise has got it covered in The Edge of Tomorrow. But taking his turn makes for more than a double take, and...

ATPC Hit with Ransomware, Does Not Pay

Jared Rimer
in Science

On February 15, 2017: a company called ATPC (the Alternate Text Production Center) was hit with a ransomware strain. The E-mail that was sent to me indicated multiple things that I would like to highl...

The Dead Zoo: Smilodon

Brian Switek
in Science

Smilodon looks like a cat evolved for violence. The feline’s fangs – long enough to inspire fear, just short of being ridiculous – seem to leave little question as to what this Ice Age carnivore was a...

The Vagabond's Odyssey

Dr. Williams
in Fiction

In the year 2187, one hundred years after the Great War, the earth is still scorched. Smoldering relics of a time now forgotten litter the land as far as the eye can see. Among the few surviving human...

Exoplanetary 002 - Love For Sale

C. Christopher Hart
in Fiction

Download MP3 Subscribe on iTunes Earlier Episodes - Episode 1 Episode 002 – Love For Sale by C. Christopher Hart Ben Wolverton visits the home of an asteroid miner and discovers that Exoplanetary's Hu...


Don Foxe
in Fiction

CONCEPTION will be the first short story in the summer 2017 release of Concourse, the first collection of back stories in the Space Fleet Sagas. "My fascination with Mars is a reflection of our collec...


Marc Pachon
in Fiction

First contact could have gone better. The beings visiting Earth had learned how to leave behind their physical bodies so long ago that the idea of an awakened mind being tethered to meat was at best q...