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Space: The Final Frontier. Exploring space developments and theorizing about how humans fit into the universe.

Could Ancient Aliens Really Have Existed?

Riley Reese
in Science

"Aliens, dude." Everyone knows that meme with the stoned-looking historian smiling as he waves his arms in the air. The Ancient Aliens series, which aired on the History Channel, was one of the first ...

Bizarre Boyajian’s Star (‘Alien Megastructure’ Star) is Dipping Again!

Paul Scott Anderson
in Science

The weird star called Boyajian's Star (aka Tabby's Star or KIC 8462852) has been fascinating astronomers and people in general because of its weird behaviour of experiencing sudden, unusual dips in br...

Screaming Metal (Part 012)

Made in DNA
in Fiction

Though much of the smaller junk had settled over time, it would have been a mistake to consider it safe. Stabilizers and anti-grav cushioning helped them over the uneven swells and kept them from gett...

The Clowns of the Moon

Brian K. Henry
in Fiction

Langston grimly watched the sad-looking clowns go through their routines. The dire moon, with its grey valleys and thin ponds of aquamarine goo, had enough difficulties, the inhabitants eking out an e...

Alien Anatomy

Diego Covarrubias
in Science

Bug-like, viscous masses or as green dwarves with big eyes, science fiction has presented us with many interpretations of aliens, but the stereotypical image of an extraterrestrial depicts them with b...

Alex The Inventor-Chapter 13 (Pt.1)

G.F. Brynn
in Fiction

Read Chapters 1 - 12 at: Deep Sky Stories

Lost in the Wilderness

Chris Lane
in Fiction

I am still stuck here on this planet with these monkeys who have learned to dress themselves. This rudimentary ability has given them a most inordinately high opinion of themselves. They are, by and l...

'UFO and Outer Space' Comic Book

Edward German
in Entertainment

When I was growing up in the 70's, I did read a variety of comic books. Everything from the super hero to TV and movie tie-ins, and anthology series. One anthology series stood out and was a favorite ...

Review of Oasis

Paul Levinson
in Entertainment

I caught the pilot for Oasis last month on Amazon Prime. It definitely has possibilities. The set-up is something we've seen and read many times before -- an Earth in bad shape just a few decades into...

Alex The Inventor-Chapter 12 (Pt.2)

G.F. Brynn
in Fiction

Chapters 1 - 12 can be found at: Deep Sky Stories

I'm Surrounded. Mayday!

Ryan Sprague
in Culture

It was the morning of May 3rd, 1975. Upon returning from a routine flight from Zihuatanejo to Mexico City, twenty-three-year-old pilot, Carlos de Santos, prepared his Piper PA-24 plane and was soon in...


Natalia Yanchak
in Fiction

ALONE By Natalia Yanchak Her body casts two shadows on the ground: one stout outline of the bulky space-suit, and a second thinner, umbric image that moves as if she were watching her own shadow elong...

Symbiote Chapter 4

daniel morris
in Fiction

Dawn spread serenely across the waters of Kittery. As the shift from nocturne roused the weary souls of Tesla’s crew, Vanessa sat by herself in the furthest corner of the mess decks as possible from e...

The Crystal Skulls

Hyapatia Lee
in Culture

There are many legends regarding crystal skulls which were associated with the Mayan and other South American tribes and numerous crystal skulls have appeared over the last fifty years claiming to be ...

This Haunted Space

Andrew David
in Fiction

Kit smiled. Her eyes glittered excitedly; while her wide mouth displayed a taught happy mischievous grin, as she looked out of the domed window, towards wild the swirling clouds of Jupiter’s fierce fi...

Space As You Know It Is A Lie

Sarah McDaniel
in Science

The Tenth Dimension is based on the idea that countless tiny "Superstrings" are vibrating in a tenth dimension. In order to begin to understand this theory, we have to first comprehensively question o...