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Science fiction is the bridge between imagination and technological advancement, where the dreamer’s vision predicts change, and foreshadows a futuristic reality. Science fiction has the ability to become “science reality”.

Bizarre 1970s Sci-Fi Movies

Miranda O'Conner
in Buyer’s Guide

Sci-fi seems to evolve with every passing year, thanks in part to our understanding of science, the development of our culture, and our special effects capabilities. However, during the 1970s, something happened. I don't know what. All I know is that between the late 60s (Planet of the Apes, 2001 A Space Odyssey) and late 70s (Star Wars, Alien) sci-fi got weird. Not just a little weird, either. Bizarre. Strange. Outlandish visuals and crazy concepts that ranged from silly to unsettling. The biza...

Alex The Inventor-Chapter 13 (Pt.2)

G.F. Brynn
in Fiction

Read Chapters 1 - 13 at: Deep Sky Stories

How 'Star Wars' Changed the Paradigm

Neal Ulen
in Entertainment

Hot on the heels of Star Wars' 40th anniversary, it's an opportune time to look back on the ripple effect . . . nay, scratch that . . . the tsunami effect it had on cinema history, and how it propelle...

The Sound of Tomorrow

Matthew Kresal
in Entertainment

Though best known for their prolific output of audio dramas based on the long-running BBC series Doctor Who, the British company Big Finish Productions has been branching out for several years now. On...

In the Author’s Universe: Interview with Sci-Fi Author Cixin Liu

K.E. Lanning
in Culture

Liu Cixin [writing in English under the name, Cixin Liu] is a science fiction writer from China; a nine-time winner of the Chinese Galaxy Award (Chinese Hugo) and the Xing Yun Award (Chinese Nebula), ...

A Space Ship Does Not Blow Up on Page Three

T.K. Boomer
in Entertainment

Every science fiction writer has something that drives him or her. For many, if not most writers, this is the need to pen a story and have it read, usually by means of publication. A quick visit to th...

On the Evening of the Eighth Day

Guillermo Calvo
in Fiction

The One was gone. The created were also gone, but not of their own volition, although if lawyers had existed they’d have found a way to prove that it had been so. A second generation had been born and...

Review of Twin Peaks: The Return 1.1-2

Paul Levinson
in Entertainment

Twin Peaks was back -- hence also known as Twin Peaks: The Return -- Sunday night with the two first episodes of some new seasons on Showtime. I enjoyed it. But -- well, it's a strange and tough narra...


Shahram Farshadfar
in Fiction

I was interested in sci-fi stories from the early age. In high school at lunchtime, while others were busy with physical activities, I was busy activating my imagination reading Greek mythology. It wa...

Review of 12 Monkeys 3.8-10

Paul Levinson
in Entertainment

The concluding three episodes of the penultimate season 3 of 12 Monkeys on the SyFy Channel last night -- soon to be rebranded in all caps -- was as good as the first seven, which is to say, superb in...

Screaming Metal (Part 012)

Made in DNA
in Fiction

Though much of the smaller junk had settled over time, it would have been a mistake to consider it safe. Stabilizers and anti-grav cushioning helped them over the uneven swells and kept them from gett...

The Science Fiction of Rollerball Is Nothing Compared to the Facts of Real Life Control

Rich Monetti
in Entertainment

If you’ve never seen Rollerball, stop what you’re doing and dial up the DVD for this 1975 Science Fiction Movie classic. Set in the year 2024, this dystopia puts Bread and Circuses on a violent whirlw...

Rewatching... Doctor Who: The Evil Of The Daleks - Part 1

Nick Brown
in Entertainment

Saturday 20 May 1967 "The Doctor is notoriously unpunctual." ​I love this episode. I like most episode ones in fact. I like the way they draw you in, especially if there's a good mystery to start the ...

The Clowns of the Moon

Brian K. Henry
in Fiction

Langston grimly watched the sad-looking clowns go through their routines. The dire moon, with its grey valleys and thin ponds of aquamarine goo, had enough difficulties, the inhabitants eking out an e...

Brutalist Stories #23

Brutalist Stories
in Fiction

“They’re worth saving.” “What makes you say that?” I turn to him and wonder where this change of heart has come from. “I’ve seen something in them,” he says. “What could you have seen, this far in, th...

Review of 12 Monkeys 3.5-7

Paul Levinson
in Entertainment

A superb, punching, philosophic triad of episodes 3.5-7 of 12 Monkeys last night, with Jennifer's most memorable line coming in 1953, "a thing for Asimov". This has almost nothing to do with the story...