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Posts about religion, skepticism, and how it fits into the scientific world.

The Adventures of Erin Bailey, Time Traveling Extraordinaire-The Gene Trail, Part 1

J.C. S.
in Fiction

You couldn't stand any closer to this cliff than this group of newfound Christians. The term itself suggested they were found, but lost their way. Acceptable enough, given the circumstances. Cassandra...

Profaning the Leistra

Jeffrey Aaron Miller
in Fiction

Cora wound the Signal Vine around her wrist, leaving enough slack so that it hung away from her skin. The bigger thorns had been removed, but that left plenty of smaller ones, sharp and curved like fa...

The Experience Machine

Matt Swayne
in Fiction

So if our technology were to succeed completely, and everything were to be under our control, we should eventually say, "We need a new button." -- Alan Watts His first memory was waking up in the bedr...

Extraterrestrials and the Roman Catholic Church

MJ Banias
in Culture

Over the last two months or so, I’ve seen several articles and social media posts concerning a dubious Wikileak from this October concerning extraterrestrial conspiracy theories and the Roman Catholic...

Antimatter: X-mas Files Edition

Matt Swayne
in Culture

Sure. Sure. The Christmas season is full of crass commercialism. Materialist dogma -- of all varieties -- are on display everywhere. But the season has traditionally been regarded as a time of superna...

Antimatter: Better Brains, Demon Detectors and Mystical Neanderthals

Matt Swayne
in Science

The following is another issue of my somewhat regular tribute to the cool stuff that used to appear in Omni Magazine’s Antimatter column. In this issue, we have stories about billionaires building bra...

Philip K. Dick's VALIS Analyzes Religious Destiny

Mackenzie Lu
in Buyer’s Guide

If you really think about it, the story of Jesus is a work of science fiction. He's a man with superpowers that include turning water to wine, healing others, and coming back from the dead. All jokes ...

Surprising Science Fiction Stories from the Ancient World

Sarah Quinn
in Culture

Some think of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as the beginning of science fiction. Others would say that it didn’t really begin until H.G. Wells began writing down his marvelous, speculative stories in wh...

What is Pyramid Power?

Ami Roach
in Culture

Pyramid Power is based on the theory that pyramid shapes, built to the proportions of the Great Cheops Pyramid in Egypt, can generate energy that produces startling effects. A growing number of scient...

Space (Part II - Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle)

M. Thomas Gammarino
in Fiction

In my last article, I discussed William Gibson's cyberpunk classic Neuromancer as a key text in the convergence between science fiction and postmodernism. This time, I want to stay right on the cusp a...

Sci-Fi's Obsession with Ancient Greece and Rome

Sarah Quinn
in Culture

Sometimes science fiction returns to the past for places, people, and themes to enrich its mind-journeys into the future. Such is the case with these sci-fi movies, TV episodes, and works of fiction, ...

Is Transhumanism The Answer To Death?

Jasun Horsley
in Science

There is one thing we know for sure about our future, we are all going to die. Ray Kurzweil and the transhumanist crew may disagree. They argue technology is the key to immortality. But for those stil...

Interview with Larry Niven

Joshua Sky
in Entertainment

OMNI had the opportunity to sit down with LA native, and legendary author, Larry Niven. He is the recipient of five Hugos, one Nebula, and four Locus awards. Larry has written and co-written such work...

Most Sadistic Cults of the 20th Century

George Gott
in Culture

"Don't drink the Kool-Aid" doesn't sound like such an important warning, but if the People's Temple followers in Jonestown would've been given this advice, over 900 lives would have been saved. Until ...

The Five Holy Wounds of a Second Coming

Joseph Somers
in Fiction

9:00 am –– Thursday, April 14th 2033 There wasn't any room for the light. It could echo and bounce with no destination beyond entropic, move along little light. Presenter understood this, he felt most...

History of Scientology

Izzy Erlich
in Science

I’m not going to insult your intelligence by assuming you haven’t heard of Scientology. The whole topic is a briar pit of controversies and hyperbole. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the eccentri...