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Posts about religion, skepticism, and how it fits into the scientific world.

On the Evening of the Eighth Day

Guillermo Calvo
in Fiction

The One was gone. The created were also gone, but not of their own volition, although if lawyers had existed they’d have found a way to prove that it had been so. A second generation had been born and...


Shahram Farshadfar
in Fiction

I was interested in sci-fi stories from the early age. In high school at lunchtime, while others were busy with physical activities, I was busy activating my imagination reading Greek mythology. It wa...


Hyapatia Lee
in Culture

Many people accept reincarnation to be a fact. Dr. Jim Tucker at the University of Virginia has studied over 2,500 children who had memories of past lives. Most of these children were living in famili...

Divine Sentience

Guillermo Calvo
in Culture

Sentience involves more than mere reaction to stimuli, it involves awareness of existence, but once aware, the sentient entity may be either passive, a voyeur of sorts, or volitional, in the latter ca...

Lost in the Wilderness

Chris Lane
in Fiction

I am still stuck here on this planet with these monkeys who have learned to dress themselves. This rudimentary ability has given them a most inordinately high opinion of themselves. They are, by and l...

The Matrix and Gnosticism

M Alan Kazlev
in Culture

The Walchowski's Matrix Trilogy stands out as one of the classics of modern sci-fi storytelling. Not only does it powerfully present the hero's journey in a similar manner to other epic tales like Lor...

Miraculous Escape

Allan Marshall
in Fiction

It all started with running and climbing and scrambling. The sheer trauma of what she had witnessed was enough to send anyone into shock but with the coldness now biting at her extremities the process...

Death and Burials

Kevin Bailey
in Culture

If there is one thing we all have in common, no matter what culture we live in or what our religious beliefs are, it is death. We all die some time and we all have lost some one. One of my favorite qu...

Comes A Horseman

Dr. Williams
in Fiction

On a night as black as pitch comes the Horseman. It is said that all through-out history man has been tormented by the constant struggle between good and evil. Where good intentions are swept away by ...

The Adventures of Erin Bailey, Time Traveling Extraordinaire-The Gene Trail, Part 1

J.C. S.
in Fiction

You couldn't stand any closer to this cliff than this group of newfound Christians. The term itself suggested they were found, but lost their way. Acceptable enough, given the circumstances. Cassandra...

Profaning the Leistra

Jeffrey Aaron Miller
in Fiction

Cora wound the Signal Vine around her wrist, leaving enough slack so that it hung away from her skin. The bigger thorns had been removed, but that left plenty of smaller ones, sharp and curved like fa...

The Experience Machine

Matt Swayne
in Fiction

So if our technology were to succeed completely, and everything were to be under our control, we should eventually say, "We need a new button." -- Alan Watts His first memory was waking up in the bedr...

Extraterrestrials and the Roman Catholic Church

MJ Banias
in Culture

Over the last two months or so, I’ve seen several articles and social media posts concerning a dubious Wikileak from this October concerning extraterrestrial conspiracy theories and the Roman Catholic...

Antimatter: X-mas Files Edition

Matt Swayne
in Culture

Sure. Sure. The Christmas season is full of crass commercialism. Materialist dogma -- of all varieties -- are on display everywhere. But the season has traditionally been regarded as a time of superna...

Antimatter: Better Brains, Demon Detectors and Mystical Neanderthals

Matt Swayne
in Science

The following is another issue of my somewhat regular tribute to the cool stuff that used to appear in Omni Magazine’s Antimatter column. In this issue, we have stories about billionaires building bra...

Philip K. Dick's VALIS Analyzes Religious Destiny

Mackenzie Lu
in Buyer’s Guide

If you really think about it, the story of Jesus is a work of science fiction. He's a man with superpowers that include turning water to wine, healing others, and coming back from the dead. All jokes ...