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Exploring the future of science today, while looking back on the achievements from yesterday. Science fiction is science future.

Alex The Inventor-Chapter 17

G.F. Brynn
in Fiction

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A Thinking Person's Artificial Intelligence

Alan Kotok
in Science

Over the past decade, artificial intelligence migrated from computer geeks' workshops to something many people encounter in their everyday lives, but not without fears of its effects. Last year, the P...

The Dawn of Microbots and Nanorobots

Thamarasee Jeewandara
in Science

Creating nano and micro-scale robots to assist biomedical interventions in humans is a relatively young research field receiving copious amounts of interest within scientific research and Sci-Fi.

In Vitro Summation

Vinny J
in Fiction

A faint rumbling penetrated this ancient darkness, the first vibrations its halls experienced in millennia. The rhythmic whir and tumble of sound grew from wide and distant to a narrow, piercing point...


Nicholas Anthony
in Fiction

The Fates don’t play favourites. They play their own cruel game, toying with each thread of existence, ensnaring all who dare to reach out for their own destiny. A lust to exact heinous and petty trea...

Interview With Dr. Louis Rosenberg, Founder Of Unanimous A.I.

OMNI Staff
in Science

It's rather fitting that Dr. Louis Rosenberg, an individual wholly dedicated to preparing humans for the immediate and distant future, is featured in a project titled Year Million, National Geographic...

Can Better Data Head Off Environmental Disasters?

Rob Salkowitz
in Science

Do you live within 200 yards of an oil or gas pipe? More than 60% of Americans do, but no one—not public agencies, not commercial customers, and not even the energy companies that own the pipes—could ...

A Practical Man, Part II

Brian S. Converse
in Fiction

John paced the aisle of his locomotive prison, his hand on the apple in his pocket the entire time. Hunger pains gnawed at his insides, and his mouth and tongue had begun to swell from lack of water. ...

The Latest Bio-Engineering Heart Transplant Research Is In: Spinach Leaves

Pierre Roustan
in Science

I don't know whether to be blown away or skeptical, but the information and research are indeed verified. It turns out that the research as written here has proven scientists can now literally simulat...

Science Fiction: Science as Craft

Nadia Davidson
in Culture

Writing is a craft. We talk of crafting a story, and of wordsmiths who forge metaphors from the white heat of their imaginations. The creation of fiction, therefore, involves a process akin to that of...

Alex The Inventor-Chapter 16

G.F. Brynn
in Fiction

Read Chapters 1 - 15 at: Deep Sky Stories

Human Analysis

Yoshio Chandler
in Fiction

Imagine, if you will, a world where everything is the same, except for ourselves. Through the historical development of this world, everything continued on our timeline, until the world war. When the ...

The Way Forward

Mickey Finn
in Fiction

"Is too much humanity bad for people, or is too much people bad for humanity?" -Walt Kelly They brought Carl into a dark room, with a single point of light, whose origin was impossible to distinguish....

Yan And The Wanderer

Nicholas Anthony
in Fiction

They called me Yan. A name given as nothing more than a form of distinction from the rest of us young ones. Such markers of identity were beaten out of a person from birth. It latched onto me like a t...

Can Humans Evolve on Mars?

Janice Simms
in Science

Creatures have evolved through millions of years of evolution. Eventually, it has created complex species which, have adapted to their environment. Our planet has plants, and we breathe in oxygen and ...

The Awakening Diary

Ksenia Kozhenkova
in Fiction

Voice is Calling....