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Do You Want Your Bacon CRISPR?

Alan Kotok
in Science

In the 1980s, pig farmers started seeing their herds come down with a viral infection causing severe breathing problems, a disorder that became known as porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, ...

Crisis: Water

Dr. Williams
in Culture

Whatever you may think of the Syrian crisis, the Iran nuclear agreement, or the troubles with North Korea, there still remains an undercurrent of economic uncertainty in every part of the world today....

Planet Feast

Jeffrey Aaron Miller
in Fiction

With his ax, Thoma hacked off another slab of planet-flesh, caught it in his free hand as it fell, and tossed it into the plastic bin in his lap. “Quit with the fancy tricks,” Carlo said, scowling fro...

Hold the Meringue Cheesecake

Joachim Heijndermans
in Fiction

“Voilà!” said the waiter, as he raised his hand and presented the plates to the diners. RT Hon. Margaret Hamill MP, Secretary of State for International Trade, had imaged a number of responses that th...

The Science of Smell

Tim Noakes
in Science

Straddling the disciplines of art and science, Sissel Tolaas has travelled the globe collecting over 7,000 different smells, which she stores in her Berlin research laboratory. Along the way she has m...

Amazing DIY Firefly Projects All Browncoats Will Love

Sarah Quinn
in Entertainment

Wait. Are you reading the right list? Here is a short quiz: Are you always referring to someone named “Cap’n Tight-Pants” as if he were not only a real man, but your personal hero? Does love keep you ...

The Sweetest Sci-Fi Treats in the Galaxy

Sarah Quinn
in Entertainment

Sometimes I look around at intensely intricate Pinterest parties that other people apparently have the time to create for their children, and the mind boggles at the lengths to which theme-ing these p...

The Junk Food Has It

Joseph Somers
in Fiction

Yellow. The out-of-order tape emblazoned over the vending Machine’s cash intake was yellow. Written on the golden surface were the words “Out of Order,” which taken as literal meant, “Stop. No snacks ...

Medicinal Mushroom Magic

OMNI Staff
in Science

Medicinal mushrooms produce medically important natural metabolites or can be induced to do so with biotechnology. There is a range of medical compounds that include antibiotics, cholesterol inhibitor...