Drone Warfare Escalation

DS Peters
in Science

On February 4, 2002, the CIA sent an unmanned Predator drone to the city of Khost in the Paktia province of Afghanistan in order to kill Osama bin Laden. Although the CIA had been patrolling parts of ...

The Wheel of Time is Too Long

OMNI Staff
in Culture

"Surprising what you can dig out of books if you read long enough, isn’t it?" Character Rand spoke these words in The Shadow Rising: Book Four of The Wheel of Time but they are just as true for the se...

Seinfeld Episodes Wax Philosophical

Claire Evans
in Entertainment

Seinfeld, the defining 30-minute sitcom that dominated the entire decade of 1990s entertainment, was the brainchild of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. For over a quarter of century, many viewers remai...

Dune Art Sites to Follow

OMNI Staff
in Culture

Frank Herbet was born in 1920. Growing up during the Great Depression, his young mind could envision worlds and histories that no man had walked on and no civilization had experienced. But even the pr...

Star Trek Sex

Will Stape
in Entertainment

Space is the sexual frontier. In Will Stape's Star Trek Sex: Analyzing the Most Sexually Charged Episodes of the Original Series, he explores the fun, sexy, flashy, and lusty world of the original Tre...

Sci-Fi Artist Vincent Di Fate

Natasha Sydor
in Culture

A painter of fantastic futures and one of the world's leading visionaries of speculative fiction is Vincent Di Fate. His work embodies an unrivaled vintage appeal that recalls when drive-in movie thea...

Roadside Picnic and Stalker Similarities

Reynard Seifert
in Culture

In the eyes of science fiction author Ray Bradbury, the only crime worse than burning books is not reading them at all. We all remember books our own way. Focusing, forgetting, glazing over, missing p...

Religious Fanaticism is Dangerous

George Gott
in Culture

The difference between religious fundamentalism and fanaticism is belief and action. One could be a fundamentalist in any given religion and believe in the literal truth of their holy scriptures. Most...

The Watcher

Sequoia Nagamatsu
in Fiction

From the dome of his mile-long tower, peeking above the cracked earth of a former schoolyard, Dalen studied a wall of sulfuric storm clouds overshadowing the husks of Chicago’s skyline. One level belo...

Deadliest Places on Earth

Jake Burgess
in Science

Earth is a beautiful place. Rolling dirt-tracks through forests fill us with wonder; a fresh fall of snow brings out the pearly whites of our smiles and anyone who has ever climbed a mountain to gaze ...

H.E.L.G.A. - A Tale of Artificial Intelligence

Lucian Randolph
in Fiction

December 20 - 5:32 AM (Miami time) 10:32 GMT An Undisclosed Secure Location Up to this point, HELGA had been following the complex set of instructions which Jay-L created for her as part of an emergen...