M. Thomas Gammarino
in Culture

Ted Chiang is among the greatest short story writers in the history of science fiction, and I've been recommending his work to students for years. That said, I was somewhat disappointed by Arrival, De...

Terence McKenna Unraveled Consciousness

Stephanie Gladwell
in Science

An adamant critic of culture, Terence McKenna was a 20th century shaman that pioneered an in-depth analysis of one's consciousness and the lives we live. He birthed radical hypotheses about the development of the mind, posited "the stoned ape" hypothesis, and declared he had deciphered the nature of time using the I Ching. Mckenna held that individuality and social constructs were detrimental illusions to living a fulfilling life. He was called the "Timothy Leary of the 1990s," inspiring million...

Best 'Star Wars' Han Solo And Chewbacca Books

James Lizowski
in Buyer’s Guide

Every Star Wars fan knows the famous duo of Han Solo and Chewbacca well. While Han Solo was a human smuggler known for being a member of the Rebel Alliance and later the New Republic, he originates fr...

Star Wars 'Things I Have a Bad Feeling About' 

Matt Cates
in Entertainment

Star Wars is choke-full of absolutely astounding coincidences, which in the real world we can attribute to the scriptwriters wanting to move the story along. I get that... But in the Star Wars world—I...

The Ethics of Science

Benjamin Wareing
in Culture

Human ethics, or moral philosophy as academics like to call it, revolve around key debates that split the line between moral ethicality (a subjective and individualistic point of view) and scientifica...

Science Journalist Lee Billings On Life Beyond the Solar System

Claire Evans
in Science

The history of science can be read as a series of brusque reality checks. Once, we imagined ourselves the center of a small and harmonious universe, gifted with a sun content to revolve placidly aroun...


Daniel Swindlehurst
in Fiction

My next interview subject introduced himself awkwardly but affably, then stood beaming at me, unsure of what to do with himself. I ushered him into a chair as I finished setting up and watched him fid...

Victory Garden

M. Justine Gerard
in Fiction

"One may live without bread, not without roses" —Jean Richepin Bernard heard the knock at the door, five weighted raps made by a fist muffled in a glove. He placed both arms on either side of his armc...

Ceratoid Anglerfish Spermatozoa

Caesar Finkle
in Science

A man generates billions or so spermatozoa during his "active" lifetime. In the same time, a female ovary releases a strictly limited number of eggs (around 400). Despite the contrast in productivity ...

9 Films You Should Watch if You Want to Work for Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos

Alejandro Guillú Mendoza
in Entertainment

We are going to Mars and the Hilton Hotel is not going to build itself. There is a spacesuit with your name on it.

The Samson Contingency–Artificial Intelligence or Nuclear Terrorist?

Cairo Smith
in Fiction

At 2300 hours Alaska Daylight Time, about 80 miles North and a mile underground from Anchorage, Alaska, the Heuristic Missile Launch Coordinator became self aware. The first thing it did was check the...

Philip K. Dick's VALIS Analyzes Religious Destiny

Mackenzie Lu
in Buyer’s Guide

If you really think about it, the story of Jesus is a work of science fiction. He's a man with superpowers that include turning water to wine, healing others, and coming back from the dead. All jokes ...

Creating an Alien Language for your Manuscript

Steve Benton
in Entertainment

Many sci-fi writers like to add alien languages to their manuscripts. This can help to add a lot of texture to the story, define some big differences between characters and provide opportunities for c...

Science Fiction Feminist Dorris Lessing 

Stephanie Gladwell
in Buyer’s Guide

Doris Lessing, made famous by her epic novel of the female experience, The Golden Notebook, was also a prolific writer of science fiction. She was not a fan of genre distinctions. She called science f...


Joshua Sky
in Fiction

It can’t be amnesia. I know who I am, Caroline concluded. I know where I am. I’m home. Where I belong. Her green eyes scanned a wasteland of musty possessions. Mountains of clothing, books, magazines,...

Surprising Science Fiction Stories from the Ancient World

Sarah Quinn
in Culture

Some think of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as the beginning of science fiction. Others would say that it didn’t really begin until H.G. Wells began writing down his marvelous, speculative stories in wh...