Review of Sense8 2.2-3

Paul Levinson
in Entertainment

I realized a while ago that binge-watching, like all human activities, isn't the perfect strategy for all television watching. It's almost never preferable to wait a week before the next episode of a ...

Are We Becoming Robots?

in Culture

What about old-fashioned mutual voice-into-ear communication then? I thought to myself having spent the best part of an hour tricking the phone network provider’s labyrinthine system to put me through...

Striving Toward the Answer

Mo Darasi
in Culture

One way to describe humanity is by their imperfections. Some believe God to have created all that is in existence, and others believe the universe to have been created by chance. Either way, everyone ...

The Electric Poet

Matt Cates
in Fiction

This story is excerpted from the novel Haveck: The First Transhuman by Matt Cates (Sable Mare Media, 2015).

Trio Triangulates Deep Space 9 Episodes with the Rules of Acquisition Podcast

Rich Monetti
in Entertainment

The Greatest Generation seems to have the decided drop on all the Star Trek podcasts out there. Wade Bowen concedes that and freely accepts operating among the many on the internet undercard with his ...

Rewatching... Doctor Who: The Faceless Ones - Part 4

Nick Brown
in Entertainment

Saturday 29 April 1967 The production team on Doctor Who clearly like pilots at the moment. The last story (The Macra Terror) had a character called Pilot and there weren't even any aircraft in that o...

Reviewing 'Art, Collectibles, Decor and More' OMNI Auction

George Gott
in Buyer’s Guide

The iconic OMNI magazine has been out of print for over 25 years, yet to this day readers are still intrigued by the science fiction magazine's allure, pioneering expertise, and captivating ideas of f...

Why ET Contact Sucks

MJ Banias
in Culture

The alien abduction narrative has been a part of popular culture for a long time, and the UFO narrative has countless allegations by experiencers of alien abduction and contact. Initiated by some inte...


Eva Wells
in Fiction

The dream was starting to take its toll on him. It was deja vu in its most dreaded and complicated form; the repetition of a horrible act that he had no control of and no ability to comprehend the mea...

I'm Only Three Million Years Old

J.C. S.
in Fiction

Abysmal was an understatement of the conditions surrounding and near Oblivion. There were open displays of torture devices, one of which caught Cassandra’s eye. It stood over fifty feet in the air. Ea...

Hyper-Sexualized Dismemberment and the Art of Katrina Bea

Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell
in Culture

I've been asked to interview a reclusive artist. An artist whose work I find to be exquisitely revolting. Work that, in my eyes, causes awkward hyper-sexualized repulsion in absolute terms. Like the p...