Part 2 of Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1

Aaron Dennis
in Fiction

Welcome to Beyond the End of the World. My name is Aaron Dennis, and I will be presenting this published novel to you one chapter at a time. The entire novel is free for download via Barnes and Noble ...

Eating the Sickness

Jeffrey Aaron Miller
in Fiction

Mort was hunched over in the pit, grinding his face into the dirt and mewling. He had lost most of the hair on his head, and the exposed skin was covered in ugly red knots as big as chicken eggs. The ...

The Woman Conquering Space

Roger Crow
in Entertainment

Across the Pond, Gale Anne Hurd and Kathleen Kennedy have become two of the most powerful women in Hollywood after years of hard graft on respective projects such as Aliens, The Walking Dead and the r...

Asimov 101: Your Ultimate Guide to the 'Foundation' Series

Deniz Galip Oygür
in Culture

Long before the incessant arguments among Star Wars fans were heard all over the galaxy about when to watch which episode, Isaac Asimov had his fans up in arms about which books of the Foundation seri...


Bennett Litwin
in Entertainment

One premise/motif of our feature film FRACKERS is that every being in the universe is a light being. As Einstein famously figured, "No energy is created or destroyed". We in turn came up with the idea that our light, the light that is us, is also eternal. This fun premise for a film does consider that even our eternal energy might change form, as light can be be both particles and waves, so can our energy break-down from waves into less desirable particles, not to be judgmental. The film is a co...

The Philosophy of Westworld

Jeremy Johnson
in Culture

Michael Crichton wrote and directed Westworld for the big screen in 1973. That same decade, in 1976, an adjunct professor named Julian Jaynes made the bestseller list with a surprising title: The Orig...

My Out of Body Experience

Bennett Litwin
in Culture

My out-of-body experience happened when I was four years old. I nearly died in the hospital. I saw no angel. No Jesus. No Moses. I did encounter a light. It had a voice without words. Was it my mother...

The Experience Machine

Matt Swayne
in Fiction

So if our technology were to succeed completely, and everything were to be under our control, we should eventually say, "We need a new button." -- Alan Watts His first memory was waking up in the bedr...

Iconic Sci-Fi Film Directors

Eddie Wong
in Entertainment

The best sci-fi film directors are experts in visual storytelling. Regardless of how crazy and seemingly improbable it is to realize a sci-fi story onto the big screen, they will strive to make things...

A Clockwork Orange Can Teach Us Something About Partisan Politics In America

Rich Monetti
in Entertainment

My first viewing of A Clockwork Orange 30 years ago left me lost on the message. A hardened criminal receives the opportunity for a quick, psychologically based reform, but the dehumanizing treatment ...

Tales of the Chromium Poet

Kuwan Awar
in Fiction

Tr Yyr Sithera (The Cloud Crystal)