Interview with 'Floaters' Creator Jeremy Solterbeck

Natasha Sydor
in Entertainment

Space: the Final Frontier. Or... is it? While space travel has consistently been depicted in science fiction and popular culture as an exclusivity attainable by elite scientists, engineers, and air fo...

Can Science Fiction Predict the Future?

Glenn McDonald
in Culture

"Well, you know, William Gibson was writing about that in 1984." It's become a running joke among my friends that I say something like this every few months, usually when discussion turns to the incre...

As You Know Bob - I Don’t Exist 

Brett Davidson
in Fiction

As you know Bob, I don’t exist—but I am, for all intents and purposes, immortal. You must have wondered many times of course just what is meant by the word "self." Certainly there is conscious awarene...

Irving Wallace Predictions of That Came True

Matthew Wilder
in Culture

Irving Wallace is a name from the past. If you are a Gen-X kid, you may have grown up in a world where every bathroom featured The Book of Lists, Wallace’s book (with kids Amy Wallace and David Wallec...

The Third World War by Sir John Winthrop Hacket

Arnold Seleskey
in Buyer’s Guide

Over 6,200 paperbacks line shelves in my apartment. My wife is an artist, and uses our apartment as her gallery. There was a fight for wall space and I recently lost a skirmish. My solution was logica...

Franz von Paula Gruithuisen's Venus Science Fiction

Izzy Erlich
in Science

The fascinating story of Franz von Paula Gruithuisen, a German astronomer who became prominent early in the nineteenth century, has inspired sci-fi writers to ponder exploring distant worlds like Mars...

Garrett Brown's SkyCam History

Eddie Wong
in Science

You've seen the view from high above a football stadium before. But have you ever flown through the goalposts like a football? With SkyCam, a computerized camera originated in the 1980s, that soars th...

Mental Time Travel: Is the Plot of Arrival Coherent?

Ed Venables
in Entertainment

Time travel is a bit of a trope in sci fi. The device has been used in literature since ancient times, with Hindu mythology portraying people going far into the future. This kind of travel isn’t logic...

Thrilling 'Star Wars' Audio Books

James Lizowski
in Buyer’s Guide

Travel to a galaxy far, far away and never leave the comfort of your sedan. Any commute can be improved with a little help from the soothing sounds of a Wookiee. Audio books are a great way to immerse...

Your Guide To A Techie Christmas: Mice and Keyboards

Brett Deister
in Buyer’s Guide

Tis the season! It can be hard to shop for a techie or you are new to this. Yes, this is a guide for a Techie Christmas. This is a list of items to buy for those techies in your life. They are a speci...

The Mightiest Motion Picture of Them All

Cory Gross
in Entertainment

After several years of production, design and location shooting, Walt Disney released his first Hollywood produced live-action motion picture in 1954. If the advertising was to be believed, it was in ...