Third Eye on the Moon

Ryan Sprague
in Culture

It was in January of 2017 when, due to a lawsuit, the CIA was forced to release over thirteen million previously declassified files online to the public. These files were wide-ranging, including such ...

Outrun Stories #10

Outrun Stories
in Fiction

“You can walk away from all this,” he told himself as he watched the sea roll. The white horses of the huge waves crashed over themselves in the distance, dissipating gradually, until their faint remn...

Re-watching... Doctor Who: The Underwater Menace – Part 4

Nick Brown
in Entertainment

Saturday 4 February 1967 “…my ultimate moment of triumph.” So, it's the last episode of this unusual story. It’s a race against time before the whole of the Earth blows up. The Doctor and Ben are sepa...

From the 3rd Book in the Series, "The Love of the Tayamni"

Teresa McLaughlin
in Fiction

“Your training, or whatever you call it, ruins ‘em,” the pudgy, middle-aged, human man accused. “What does that machine do to ‘em anyway?” Jerry looked beyond the man’s shoulder, through the window, t...

Part 13 of Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1

Aaron Dennis
in Fiction

Welcome to Beyond the End of the World. My name is Aaron Dennis, and I will be presenting this published novel to you one chapter at a time. The entire novel is free for download via Barnes and Noble ...

Brutalist Stories #10

Brutalist Stories
in Fiction

He had decided the previous night that they were guilty. There was no future here, a finger tapping an ivory key on an out of tune piano, forever. Nothing could sync in this place, always it resonated...


Nigel Watson
in Science

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 carrying 239 passengers and crew disappeared on 8 March 2014. The Boeing 777 took off from Kuala Lumpur heading for Beijing, an hour later radar contact was lost as it w...

The Parisian

Fergus Neff
in Fiction

THE PARISIAN: A TALE OF THE STONES 14-AUG-3276, 16:00 CET EARTH, FRANCE, PARIS CON TRANE HELD his breath and tensed all of his muscles. Lines stood out from his body - across his shoulders they shudde...

The Thousandth Happy Haunt

L. Christopher Bird
in Fiction

They say that Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth. Even the ghosts in the Haunted Mansion are happy, being called the “happy haunts”. According to the ghost host, the disembodied narrator of the...

From the 2nd Book in the Series, "The Love of the Tayamni"

Teresa McLaughlin
in Fiction

One hundred fifty thousand years ago, in a sector of the Perseus Spiral Arm near the Orion Spur, a lifeless planet was jostled out of orbit by a rogue spray of asteroids. The accumulating debris of wh...

Francisco Del Rossa

J.C. S.
in Fiction

In the corner of my mind, I can see the reality of others. Yet, in another corner there is nothing…not even close to being my own reality. Once you’ve entered purgatory, the burns from fallen ash, the...