Interview with Investigative Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell

Rachel David
in Culture

Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell makes his living seeking out the ExtraOrdinary; that seemingly gratuitous capitalization perfectly encapsulating his mission to–as he puts it–“force us to reconsider the fabric of our own beliefs” and consider an atypical alternative. His approach is to undermine attempts to discredit unorthodox opinions by way of discrediting the opinion holders themselves. This investigative journalist and documentarian believes that the key to opening minds to a radical viewpoint...

The Science of Smell

Tim Noakes
in Science

Straddling the disciplines of art and science, Sissel Tolaas has travelled the globe collecting over 7,000 different smells, which she stores in her Berlin research laboratory. Along the way she has m...

10 Sci-Fi Movies With Trippy Ambient Soundtracks

Mike G
in Entertainment

My own concept of ambient music has always been a broad one. It touches nearly every genre, yet makes its home in none of them. It revels in ideas and mystery. It's often been the product of cutting-e...

Artist Mario Martinez aka MARS-1 Interview

OMNI Staff
in Culture

While artists abound who enjoy conjuring up astronauts, robots, space battles and creatures from another world, few are able to achieve the striking balance that makes the extraterrestrial imagery of ...


Don Urban
in Fiction

The Martian invaders charged from the spaceship. They kept coming as Sam Scott sprayed their green brains over the city streets. They ran towards him, shooting ray guns in his general direction. He ki...


Elisa Mask
in Fiction

Mx An elderly woman walked down the grassy hill and stopped at the riverbank below. She pulled out a tattered blanket before sinking onto it with a sigh, making the child wading at the bottom look up ...

Q&A With Brett Ryan Bonowicz, Director of 'The Perfect 46'

Natasha Sydor
in Entertainment

In The Perfect 46, genetic engineers match couples by their genome to create perfect babies. Whit Hertford plays the CEO of The Perfect 46, Jesse Darden, who wants people to choose their partners logi...

Interview with Mike Resnick

Joshua Sky
in Culture

At 74 years old, Mike Resnick is only hitting his stride. Just last week he handed in the eighth book he wrote this year, and he has clocked in 13 short stories and just sold a fantasy trilogy to DAW ...

'Rogue One,' Take Two for 'Star Wars'

Zach Foster
in Entertainment

***This article contains major spoilers. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, this is your only warning.*** Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is a movie that gets it right! For the first time in more years t...


Elisa Mask
in Fiction

FB0T The serenity of the white abyss is torn apart along with the packaging of her shipping container. Sensors inside activate her processor and ocular cameras as large, sweaty hands feverishly tear a...

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Science Loving Loved Ones

Matt Cates
in Buyer’s Guide

Most science lovers have an affinity for trivia and cheesy gifts. There is also a very special place inside the heart of every budding scientist for wordplay and double entendre...anything that requir...