Claude Kane

Solidus Kane
in Fiction

As my wife well knows, my delving into the darker secrets held by alchemy and the other sciences has held no ground. The enigma of the paranormal still dwells beyond my understanding and the stages in...

Most Powerful 'Star Wars' Villains

Riley Reese
in Entertainment

Star Wars is a series that has become the birthplace of many amazing characters, fandoms, and storylines. It is so vast that it even has its own set of unique planets, that some fans have studied in g...


Matt Feinstein
in Fiction

Carl is drinking heavily—two bottles of gin and a bottle of Hennessey. He sits alone in his home with the television volume turned way up. He’s watching a funny sitcom but can’t remember the name. He ...

The Way Forward

Mickey Finn
in Fiction

"Is too much humanity bad for people, or is too much people bad for humanity?" -Walt Kelly They brought Carl into a dark room, with a single point of light, whose origin was impossible to distinguish....

The Voice of the Universe

Alva v.Harzi
in Culture

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is t...

The Horse with a Jellyfish Belly

F. Simon Grant
in Fiction

Junior Magicolo felt a little embarrassed to walk down the halls of his high school with his best and only friend, his Living Nightmare named Moths and Bats, fully aware most other kids (probably all ...

Quietude of Soul

Τίποτα Oὔτις
in Fiction

A Diary, by Τίποτα Oὔτις

Dancing with the Fairies

Marlene Affeld
in Culture

Fairies, also known euphemistically in literature as “wee folk,” “people of peace,” “good folk,” “fairy folk,” “fay” or “fae,” are described as magical gossamer forms of spirit. Fairies are included i...

The Matrix: Sci-Phi...?

Mickey Finn
in Science

What if I told you that no one can be told what the Matrix is, they can only be shown? What if I said that the laws of physics protected this exact knowledge from ever being realized from inside of th...

Doctor Who: Empress Of Mars Review

Matthew Kresal
in Entertainment

Having wrapped up the Monks trilogy that had come to define much of the middle of this season, Peter Capaldi's Doctor looked set to continue his last hurrah with the return of an old foe. The Ice Warr...

Animality: Prologue & Chapter 1

Leo King Michael Pride
in Fiction

The average male lion weighs between 350-400 pounds & grows up to nine feet long, three feet in height. Like us, lions have thirty teeth. Wild lions have a life span of twelve years, but in captivity ...