Excerpt from the Chapter, "The Tlaloc Wars of 1962" of the Book "Shaare Emeth: Gateway to Truth"

Teresa McLaughlin
in Fiction

It looked like a moldy orange, putrid, pock-marked with uneven circles of white ash and darker eruption. White and brown blotches unevenly stretched across its surface. Patches of hot dust alternated ...

Rewatching... Star Trek: Space Seed

Nick Brown
in Entertainment

Thursday 16 February 1967 The Enterprise encounters an old 1990s spaceship drifting and sending out a Morse code message. Apparently, in the mid 1990s we had our last World War, a “Eugenics War” where...

Extraterrestrial Communication

Shahram Farshadfar
in Fiction

"If you are present in the future of your own choice, looking at your past, and laughing about it; does it mean that, if you are present in the past, looking at the future of your choice, you are exci...

Brutalist Stories #12

Brutalist Stories
in Fiction

“…And, you’re sure it can’t hear us?” I can hear them, yes, I’ve been able to hear them for some time now, really, quite some time. I’m not sure they know what they’ve created, or they’re too stupid t...

Dyson Trio pt 1

daniel morris
in Fiction

“What in the name of, what happened?” Groaned Alexander as he came too and rubbed the temples of his pounding head. Lying on his right side, facing a wall, all he saw as he moved to a sitting position...

Part 14 of Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1

Aaron Dennis
in Fiction

Welcome to Beyond the End of the World. My name is Aaron Dennis, and I will be presenting this published novel to you one chapter at a time. The entire novel is free for download via Barnes and Noble ...

The Adventures of Erin Bailey, Time Traveling Extraordinaire-The Gene Trail, Part 1

J.C. S.
in Fiction

You couldn't stand any closer to this cliff than this group of newfound Christians. The term itself suggested they were found, but lost their way. Acceptable enough, given the circumstances. Cassandra...

NASA's Kepler Space Telescope Continues Observations of TRAPPIST-1 Planetary System

Paul Scott Anderson
in Science

The seven Earth-sized exoplanets orbiting the star TRAPPIST-1 generated a lot of excitement when their discovery was announced last month. This is the largest collection of Earth-sized worlds in one p...

Outrun Stories #11

Outrun Stories
in Fiction

“Now, why d’ya have to go and do that, brother?” Mickey stood up and looked over the bank’s counter. “She were lookin’ at me funny.” Finn stood beside the dead woman holding his smoking revolver at hi...

Rewatching... Doctor Who: The Moonbase – Part 2

Nick Brown
in Entertainment

Saturday 18 February 1967 Polly seems to be setting the template of the screaming companion. There hasn’t been an awful lot of screaming up till now, but since the new Doctor took over the horror cont...

The Promise

Alberto Pupo
in Fiction

Life is hard, that is what he was always told growing up. Waking up in a small cramped apartment, he knows life is hard. His place is a mess. His parents would be scolding him at this moment, but then...