Birdhead Father in Brightness

F. Simon Grant
in Fiction

When Birdhead Father found the box baby (as his name in that moment went from being "Birdhead" to "Birdhead Father") the problem was his (literal) birdhead moved independently as a (literal) bird's mi...

Review of Twin Peaks: The Return 1.7

Paul Levinson
in Entertainment

First, let me mention that Twin Peaks, especially The Return, has a resemblance to Lost. If you don't know what that means, I can't help you. Meanwhile, episode 1.7 is the most informative so far in T...

Extra Bright

F. Simon Grant
in Fiction

Greta Stromach prayed one night for heaven to save her and dreamt of these bright white tendrils descending from the sky like jellyfish tentacles, or what jellyfish tentacles would be like if jellyfis...

The Inner Realm

Alva v.Harzi
in Culture

“The law of attraction works universally on every plane of action, and we attract whatever we desire or expect. If we desire one thing and expect another, we become like houses divided against themsel...

Ravings of the Mad

Seth Wojciechowski
in Fiction

If you are wondering why is it that i put matchstick men under subtitle it's because this is... Well you can figure it out.

The Game

gillian pajor
in Fiction

I ran. I ran as fast as my legs would carry me; pushing myself past the point of extraordinary pain. Tears ran down my face as I gripped onto the only piece of reality that I had left. This wasn't rea...

Sweethearts: Chapter 2

Chas C. Smith
in Fiction

Chapter 2 Yes, as destiny had it, the girl in Zaz's dream was the one to save his life. So it would seem but as quickly she had appeared in his life she just as quickly disappeared... It had been a fe...

Best Cryptozoology Documentaries

Riley Reese
in Buyer’s Guide

Cryptozoology is the study of animals that allegedly exist—but currently have no physical proof of it quite yet. It's a fascinating field where people will actually sit down and investigate claims of ...

Killing Clones

Iris Sinclair
in Fiction

For a heart-stopping second, I feel my foot slip and I stumble dangerously close to the cliff's edge. I turn just fast enough to see the knife flying towards my face and I dodge it as best as I can. I...

Alex The Inventor-Chapter 16

G.F. Brynn
in Fiction

Read Chapters 1 - 15 at: Deep Sky Stories

Best Sci-Fi Cult Classics of All Time

Anthony Gramuglia
in Entertainment

Most people are familiar with the greatest films in the science fiction genre, but you might be hard-pressed to name any of the best sci-fi cult classics of all time. You may ask "what differentiates a cult classic from a regular old classic?" After all, both classics and cult classics have great lines, great scenes, a loyal fanbase. What's the difference? Cult classics are the dark horses of cinema – underrated by mainstream audiences. They either flopped at the box office or the film's marketi...