Future of Space Colonization Is Influenced by Artists and Scientists

Jeff Love
in Science

Space colonization is an iconic and enduring facet of fantastic literature. Driven by expectation, bold prediction, and unrestrained post-industrial optimism, the notion was addressed by scientists as...

Can Technology Help Mankind's Moral Compass?

Ken Baumann
in Fiction

Guide, like most new technologies, began in a billionaire's dream of reason. The PR-generated story of Guide's origin posited it as a passion project of Metra's cofounder and longtime CEO. Its aim was...

3D Bioprinting is the Future of Transplants

OMNI Staff
in Science

Imagine a world where there was no organ donor waiting list. A world where you would be able to get the organ you needed straight from a printer. According to Quartz, a Philadelphia-based company, Bio...

Most Terrifying 80s Sci-Fi Movies

Danielle Banner
in Buyer’s Guide

Maybe burying your dead pet in that haunted cemetery wasn't the best idea. Whether it's Pet Sematary or The Fly, America loves horror movies. Add some science fiction into the mix, and it's a recipe f...

Biohacking the Eye to See Infrared

Rich Lee
in Science

I hate rainbows. Sure, they symbolize many positive things to different cultures: peace, sexual identity, a bridge to heaven. But I hate real rainbows. Every time I see one of those clown-colored frow...

Does the Earth Have a Hidden Twin?

George Gott
in Science

For several years now we have been hearing about new planetary bodies being discovered inside and outside our solar system. There are suggestions that our familiar companions - Mercury Venus, Mars, an...

Rio 2016—The Olympic Games Meet The Science Fiction Games

Will Stape
in Entertainment

If intellectual luminaries of Ancient Greece such as Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle could see a modern interpretation of our classic Olympic games, they’d likely be gratified their legendary athletic ...

Most Deceptive Scientific Frauds

OMNI Staff
in Science

There are so many problems in the world that demand solving, and scientific research is the source for such desired lifesaving innovation. However, this pressure can be a double-edged sword. Scientist...

Top TARDIS Trivia Tidbits

Matt Cates
in Entertainment

Everybody knows the basics of the Time and Relative Dimensions in Space (TARDIS) vessels, right? They are a Type 40 class of chameleon time machines built by Time Lords from the planet Gallifrey. They...

Best Apocalyptic Books

Benjamin Wareing
in Buyer’s Guide

The apocalyptic theme has captivated the world for many decades, reaching an all-time peak in the 21st century with the rise in fascination of zombie-thrillers, technological-disasters, and "end of th...

Star Wars Beach Gear

OMNI Staff
in Buyer’s Guide

Step over to the Dark Side as you tan the day away on a beach with the best Star Wars beach gear. Whether you are hopping on a cruise to the Bahamas or enjoying a relaxing weekend in the Hamptons, the...