Doctor Who: The Eaters Of Light Review

Matthew Kresal
in Entertainment

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead for the episode. The current season of Doctor Who is coming to its inevitable end. Before the season arrives at its two-part finale story, viewers have been treated t...

The Pick Up

Mickey Finn
in Fiction

This story is my homage to the Netflix series Black Mirror. If you haven’t seen it yet, let me take a minute to warn you: It will change the way you think about everything. It’s a fantastic look at th...

A Practical Man, Part II

Brian S. Converse
in Fiction

John paced the aisle of his locomotive prison, his hand on the apple in his pocket the entire time. Hunger pains gnawed at his insides, and his mouth and tongue had begun to swell from lack of water. ...

The Latest Bio-Engineering Heart Transplant Research Is In: Spinach Leaves

Pierre Roustan
in Science

I don't know whether to be blown away or skeptical, but the information and research are indeed verified. It turns out that the research as written here has proven scientists can now literally simulat...


Conner Faller
in Fiction

Imagine a time... a time where there was constant bloodshed, constant war, constant death... place yourself in this place of war and darkness, how would you react? What would you do? What COULD you do...

Are We Close to a Real Medical Tricorder?

Janice Simms
in Science

Devices and Diagnosis

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra 001

Jay Sandlin
in Entertainment

"The FIRST Issue Answered my BIGGEST Question about Aphra!" Warning: This issue of Doctor Aphra was released in Dec 2016, so we will be talking spoilers. During the height of the Empire's reign, Aphra has found herself in a position that many of us can relate to: broke and loaded with debt. When we last left the off-beat archaeologist she had successfully faked her own death at Vader's mechanical hands. The Empire may not be actively looking for her but her creditors are another story. She owes ...

Solstice Musings

Claire Proctor
in Culture

Summer Solstice is upon us! (For those in the north anyway, wave to those reaching midwinter). It's a fleeting moment embodying both balance and transition, as the Wheel of the Year continues in its o...

Vibrational Countenance

Alva v.Harzi
in Culture

“Everything you are seeking is seeking you in return, therefore, everything that you want is already yours. It is simply becoming more aware of - what you already possess.” ― Bob Proctor.

Science Fiction: Science as Craft

Nadia Davidson
in Culture

Writing is a craft. We talk of crafting a story, and of wordsmiths who forge metaphors from the white heat of their imaginations. The creation of fiction, therefore, involves a process akin to that of...

Sir Hans Sloane, Magic Mirrors and the British Museum

Christine Alford
in Culture

The British Museum collection began with the intellectual curiosity of an Irish doctor called Sir Hans Sloane. He began collecting when he was working in Jamaica, as a physician to the governor. He re...