Brutalist Stories #2 

Brutalist Stories
in Fiction

“What’s your greatest fear?” The interviewer asked, bringing his hands up to his mouth, resting his elbows on the dark, mahogany table, grinding a deep stare through the pinpoint spotlight. “Dying alo...


Sean Ayres
in Fiction

Booting up. All systems online. Activating primary intelligence core. I am awake. My sensors came online. I was aimed at a hospital cot, its sheets crisp and white. In it, a tiny baby girl slept peace...

Alex The Inventor-Chapter 3

G.F. Brynn
in Fiction

*** See -- Chapter 1 & 2 ***

Five Experiments That Show Your Universe Is Weird, Really Weird

Matt Swayne
in Science

We take our reality just like we take our tax preparers: solid and dependable, with an aversion to surprises. Experiments during the last few years, however, seem to indicate that our reality is less ...

The Stepping Stone of Mars

Adam McCaulley
in Fiction

Space travel is an unrehearsed dream. Many men have looked up at the night sky and thought about traveling to those pinpoints of light out there. First man went to the moon and now Millions lived ther...

The Limits

Rod Christiansen
in Fiction

"I don't know how much longer I can take this." Elisa would have muttered those words only to herself were it not for her virtual buddy, Peter. Peter was her tag along. Everywhere she went, she made s...

The Top Ten Night Sky Sights for March, 2017

Richard J. Bartlett
in Science

We've all stopped and stared at the night sky from time to time but few of us are aware of what we're looking at. Many of us are surprised to learn that our nearest neighbors, the planets, are just as...

Outrun Stories #1 

Outrun Stories
in Fiction

“I thought I told you.” He said, more of a statement than a question as he pulled the car to the side of the road, turned the engine off and stepped slowly out. The Cuban heal of his boot stamped on t...

Brutalist Stories #1  

Brutalist Stories
in Fiction

“There’s a piano playing in my mind.” The fog glittered in the light from the lamps that circled him. A high note, a low note, a high note, a low note. Back and forth, back and forth. One for her, one...


Shahram Farshadfar
in Fiction

"Is darkness the result of the absence of light, or a malfunction of human eyes?" Zorak CHAPTER NINE Conditioning, and reversing the order It was Autumn 1994 in Mehregan in Southern California when I ...

Modern Mancy Pt 1

daniel morris
in Fiction

The pursuit of knowledge was central to Alexi’s life. For as long as he could remember, he would go to any lengths to attain more. Until recently, however, he had been bound by his duty as a spellswor...