Strike It Rich

Juan Vasquez
in Fiction

“You got the credits, we got the crystal.” Shou-Yin said calmly. "Just give us the amount promised and all of us can go home without incident. He was the only one who's blaster wasn't drawn. His crimi...

Still Searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

James Lizowski
in Science

Irrespective of Hollywood's perspective on the implications of alien contact, the dialogues that would inevitably follow an actual encounter are enormous, almost too staggering to conceive. Imagine th...

Most Underrated Sci-Fi TV Shows

James Lizowski
in Entertainment

It is in the most underrated sci-fi TV shows where we find the most surprising discoveries and possible truths that lie behind alternate realities, black holes, and life on distant planets. It is wher...

Books to Read if You Liked '1984'

Joshua Samuel Zook
in Buyer’s Guide

The best books to read if you liked 1984 carry on its traditional of complex themes wrapped in interesting fiction. While 1984 is mostly about surveillance, there are plenty of other themes for the bo...

Dystopian Science Fiction Authors You Must Read

James Lizowski
in Buyer’s Guide

In it's traditional definition, a dystopia illustrates a reality much worse than our own. Dystopian science fiction generally features an oppressive and totalitarian society where political, corporate...

Who's Laughing Now?

Ryan Sprague
in Culture

“We could make you disappear, and your body would never be found.” Darren Perks knew that this wasn't going to be a friendly encounter, but had it really come to this? The words of the guard were fill...

'Mad Max' Tracks on 'Fury Road'

Eddie Wong
in Entertainment

The video editing team at OMNI was curious to see just how similar the 1979 Mad Max trailer was to the Mad Max: Fury Road trailer. Taking the trailer of George Miller's famous Mad Max, the team overla...

It Starts With a Kiss

Joachim Heijndermans
in Fiction

Luanne fidgeted nervously with her fingers. The bed creaked with even the slightest movement. Why did she come here? Well, she knew the reason why, but why in this place? It was very seedy looking, an...

Why Rogue One Was A Missed Opportunity

BJ "Bunneh3000" Brown
in Entertainment

As a lifelong Star Wars fan, I've been flooded with movies, TV shows, comics, books, and video games that have fleshed out various parts of the Star Wars Universe. When Disney (and Marvel) absorbed St...

Best Pulp Sci-Fi Books

Arnold Seleskey
in Buyer’s Guide

To some, the phrase “best pulp sci-fi books” may seem like an oxymoron. Pulp sci-fi has been dividing fans of science fiction for decades. You either love it or you hate it. Many certifiable pulp sci-...

Breakout Science Fiction Books of 2016

Rachel David
in Buyer’s Guide

One of the wonderful things about science fiction is that with every new breakout novel we don't just get a new story; we get the author's latest imagined reality rife with its own technology, history...