The Open Road Calls to Us

Nickolas Rudolph
in Culture

The news of the discovery of a solar system with possibly several exoplanets within the habitable-zone was just announced. For many of us in the scientific community that study biology, chemistry, ast...

Three Potential New Earths Found in a Planetary System of Seven

Richard J. Bartlett
in Science

Astronomers have discovered what is undoubtedly one of the most exciting exoplanet systems of recent years; seven Earth-sized worlds orbiting a red dwarf star only 40 light years away. What makes this...

Screaming Metal (Part 005)

Made in DNA
in Fiction

Priyanka's GUI abruptly panicked, cascading in warning windows until the overload bled onto the screen with dozens of red error messages. Growling in frustration, she swiped the console away, knowing ...

The Artist

Rod Christiansen
in Fiction

Her eyelids blinked as light poured in through her optical sensors. As part of her startup sequence, she analyzed her internal system functions. Her initialization confirmed that she was operating wit...

Outrun Stories #3 

Outrun Stories
in Fiction

Hands gripped the tight leather of the steering wheel. The car’s engine screaming. Dials hitting redline. The world outside skimming past, faster and faster, foot hitting the floor. Thinking about wha...

Brutalist Stories #3 

Brutalist Stories
in Fiction

“The fire’s coming,” she said, removing her hood. Her hollow features, worn down, coarse from the years of running and fighting, scanned the gigantic room quickly. “We need to find it.” “And what if w...

The Storm

Alberto Pupo
in Fiction

The storm raged on for a week, months; it was one of the biblical proportions. It looked so beautiful from a distance; he has always had a great love for the power of Mother Nature. But this storm is ...

Part 7 of Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1

Aaron Dennis
in Fiction

Welcome to Beyond the End of the World. My name is Aaron Dennis, and I will be presenting this published novel to you one chapter at a time. The entire novel is free for download via Barnes and Noble ...

Dancing in Starlight

Alberto Pupo
in Fiction

She loved it. She wanted and needed more of it. The thrill of the drug is unbelievable and gave her a high never experienced before. She now felt lonely, depressed, like the world has lost all of its ...

Tinni and the Chain

Jeffrey Aaron Miller
in Fiction

“Tinni, bring me my tea,” the old man said, one hand poised over the leather-bound tome on the desk before him. Tinni rose from his place in the corner, grunting as a great thundering pain pierced his...


Timothy Trimble
in Fiction

The forest was especially active today. Wyce could feel the flow of the life forces through the trees, ferns, and animal life. If he closed his eyes and focused he could pinpoint insects within a shor...