Marc Pachon
in Fiction

“So you want to buy my soul?” “Well, lease would be a better term.” Satan was leaning back against my kitchen table, calmly sipping the coffee I had offered him, out of instinct, shortly after he appe...

Magnetic Energy: Lindbergh's Secret

Dr. Williams
in Science

As long as there continues to be more oil discoveries instead of developing and implementing renewable green energy sources, global warming will continue to get more intense. The pursuit for more powe...

WannaCry, What Is It?

Jared Rimer
in Culture

Welcome to another of a series of tech articles. I'm Jared Rimer, today, I'm going to try and explain this new ransomware that seemed to hit the Internet in a very fast paced world. The ransomware nam...


Michael J
in Fiction

Before you read the story let me say this, first of all. This (very) short story was written in 1991, way before glittery vampires and soft, plushy werewolves became the fashion. It’s not cuddly and i...

Review of 12 Monkeys 3.1-4

Paul Levinson
in Entertainment

12 Monkeys returned Friday night with the first four episodes of its third season, and they were superb indeed -- in fact, I'd say the best episodes in the series so far. As usual, Jennifer has the be...

Questing in the Valley of the Lonely and the Lost

Guillermo Calvo
in Culture

Questing in the Valley of the Lonely and the Lost The great adventures: the greatest adventures, the most daring and thus the most final. Will I ever dare them? If only for an instant, the smallest se...

Review of Frequency Epilogue

Paul Levinson
in Entertainment

Frequency -- the CW time-travel series, based on one of the best time-travel movies of all time -- was unceremoniously cancelled a few weeks ago. Truthfully, the series had a lot of flaws, and probabl...

Rewatching... Doctor Who: The Faceless Ones - Part 6

Nick Brown
in Entertainment

Saturday 13 May 1967 There was an article in the paper yesterday describing how a man had written to Gatwick airport because he was worried about flying in case he got miniaturised. Perhaps it was ton...

I Love Time Travel, Even Though It’s Impossible

Chris A. Jones
in Science

Time travel has been a source of fascination for decades, serving as the central theme in some of our most treasured science fiction stories. But is time travel really possible? Although I’ve recently...

Alex The Inventor-Chapter 13 (Pt.1)

G.F. Brynn
in Fiction

Read Chapters 1 - 12 at: Deep Sky Stories

New 'Star Trek: Discovery' Trailer Is Released

Anthony Gramuglia
in Entertainment

Over fifty years, Star Trek has entertained science fiction fans the world over, and it looks like now, with the release of the new Star Trek: Discovery trailer, fans of the Starship Enterprise will have more adventures on the final frontier. Taking place 10 years before the USS Enterprise set off with Captain Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Uhura, Star Trek: Discovery tells the tale of two star ships: the USS Shenzhou, led by Captain Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) and the USS Discovery, led by Captain Lorca ...