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Out of This World Science TED Talks

Anthony Gramuglia
in Science

As Bill Nye (who needs to make TED Talks) once told us, "Science rules!" Everything runs on science, for it programs the universe around us to follow a set order and logic. But what if there are rules...

Star Trek Tricorders Left The Science Fiction Realm to Become Science Reality

Susan Fourtané
in Science

According to the Qualcomm Tricorder XPrize device requirements, the research teams were expected to develop a device with the following characteristics: - The device cannot weight more than five pound...

Beyond the Colony (Part One)

Adam McCaulley
in Fiction

The boys had just turned eighteen and part of the celebration was taking the walk. It was the first time the boys were allowed to walk around outside of the colony. Not that it was that special in a c...

Outrun Stories #4

Outrun Stories
in Fiction

‘Call of the night’, she thought and shook her head as she stepped away from her motorcycle and pulled off her helmet. There’d been a city here once. It wasn’t much but it worked, somehow it worked. H...

Brutalist Stories #4 

Brutalist Stories
in Fiction

“Mr David, it is time” the Chinese man said, flashing a smile of bright silver teeth. “I trust you are ready to pursue the final action?” David looked him over. Small in stature with perfectly round m...

Alien Summer

Robert Bayley
in Fiction

When down and out Jim Cherry wakes up in an alley in New York in the summer of '98, little does he know that the future of the world may well fall on his shoulders. Finding a free health check leaflet...

Alex The Inventor-Chapter 4

G.F. Brynn
in Fiction

For Chapters 1 - 3, go to DeepSkyStories.com

Dance of the Eleusians

Anya Wassenberg
in Fiction

His blue limbs gleamed coolly in the hot air, they arched and flexed with unhurried grace. He spun sinuously in the air, catching the light of the sun in his hair. His was the only movement in the cir...

The Open Road Calls to Us

Nickolas Rudolph
in Culture

The news of the discovery of a solar system with possibly several exoplanets within the habitable-zone was just announced. For many of us in the scientific community that study biology, chemistry, ast...

Three Potential New Earths Found in a Planetary System of Seven

Richard J. Bartlett
in Science

Astronomers have discovered what is undoubtedly one of the most exciting exoplanet systems of recent years; seven Earth-sized worlds orbiting a red dwarf star only 40 light years away. What makes this...

Screaming Metal (Part 005)

Made in DNA
in Fiction

Priyanka's GUI abruptly panicked, cascading in warning windows until the overload bled onto the screen with dozens of red error messages. Growling in frustration, she swiped the console away, knowing ...