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Why We Should Stop Using the Word Race, It's Stupid.

Milad Hussin
in Science

I have a friend, not just any kind of friend but that special friend who looks at you and knows exactly what's up. The guy/girl you go to when you're in love, scared, confused. The brother from anothe...

Are You Afraid of Ghosts?

Ace Parker
in Science

Ghosts. Why is everyone so afraid of ghosts? Oh, wait. You're not, actually. You're only afraid of what you don't know or understand. I used to be afraid of ghosts; a fear that lasted almost 14 years,...

Philosophy: the Essential Analysis

Eliander Black
in Science

Knowledge is the first principle. Man exists as mind. To found one’s principles upon any other axiom denies personal existence. The self-awareness of the individual provides the essential absolute nec...

Should We Be Careful With the Development of Artificial Intelligence?

Ben Tearzz
in Science

The short answer would be yes. But let me start out by asking you a question. Have you ever seen Terminator? Doesn’t have to be all of them, just one of the movies. The thought might have struck you, ...

The Consciousness Paradox

Justin-James Gignac
in Science

Unlike any other species on this planet, humans develop extreme anxiety when thinking about the possibility of nothingness after death. With strong egos and attachment to the material world, ideas and...

A Thinking Person's Artificial Intelligence

Alan Kotok
in Science

Over the past decade, artificial intelligence migrated from computer geeks' workshops to something many people encounter in their everyday lives, but not without fears of its effects. Last year, the P...

Sinister Dexterity (Or, Let's Get Sinister)

Casey Parker
in Science

You've been using your right hand all your life. Well, with the exception of the ten percent this whole article is backward for. Next time you do something you've grown to consider a single-command op...

The Dawn of Microbots and Nanorobots

Thamarasee Jeewandara
in Science

Creating nano and micro-scale robots to assist biomedical interventions in humans is a relatively young research field receiving copious amounts of interest within scientific research and Sci-Fi.

Solar Eclipse 2017

Anya Wassenberg
in Science

Solar eclipse 2017—are you ready for it? On August 21, 2017, for the first time in 99 years, a total eclipse of the sun will pass across the entire continental United States.

Interview With Dr. Louis Rosenberg, Founder Of Unanimous A.I.

OMNI Staff
in Science

It's rather fitting that Dr. Louis Rosenberg, an individual wholly dedicated to preparing humans for the immediate and distant future, is featured in a project titled Year Million, National Geographic...

Can Better Data Head Off Environmental Disasters?

Rob Salkowitz
in Science

Do you live within 200 yards of an oil or gas pipe? More than 60% of Americans do, but no one—not public agencies, not commercial customers, and not even the energy companies that own the pipes—could ...

The Latest Bio-Engineering Heart Transplant Research Is In: Spinach Leaves

Pierre Roustan
in Science

I don't know whether to be blown away or skeptical, but the information and research are indeed verified. It turns out that the research as written here has proven scientists can now literally simulat...

Are We Close to a Real Medical Tricorder?

Janice Simms
in Science

Devices and Diagnosis

Exoplanet Update: NASA Releases New Kepler Data

Anya Wassenberg
in Science

NASA released the latest data from the Kepler space telescope project. A total of 219 objects were identified as new planet candidates. More significantly, 10 of those were determined to be possible E...

The Matrix: Sci-Phi...?

Mickey Finn
in Science

What if I told you that no one can be told what the Matrix is, they can only be shown? What if I said that the laws of physics protected this exact knowledge from ever being realized from inside of th...

How Is Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory Identified?

Rebecca Sharrock
in Science

Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (abbreviation HSAM) is an extremely rare kind of memory that enables a person to easily retrieve details of every day of their life (or since they were young ch...