The science of laughter.

Pharmacy Tech (Stat Driver) in Hell NAH, USA

Freda D
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I got sent to Camden and Magnolia to deliver some medicine right... Well, when I got to the halfway point between Camden and Stephens on my way to Magnolia, a shooting star fell out of the sky really ...

The Earth Gets An Oil Change

Arthur Rosch
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Speculations verging on the ridiculous

The First Cocktail Waitress in Space

Brian K. Henry
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“Bet they got ‘em an awesome snack bar on that thing.” Prusella smacked her gum, her eyes on the aerodynamic FlashMychat capsule in the pink-and-cranberry Tour Launch Aerodome. “That all you can think...

The Scale of Hardness in Science Fiction

M Alan Kazlev
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Some years ago, I had the idea of grading science fiction according to the degree of scientific realism. It was very obvious to me that, for example, the Discovery One spaceship in 2001 A Space Odysse...

An Ontological, Existential, Tripped-Out Tempest in a Cosmic Teapot

Joseph Ferguson
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Callens combines a touch of Douglas Adams, a dash of Dave Barry, and the allusive dexterity of James Joyce, mixes it up with a whole lotta blasphemy, philosophy, psychology, mythology, history, compar...

5 Science Fiction Heroes Who Hate Science

Matt Cates
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What's a hero supposed to do when they are written into a story they don't seem to want to even be in? When they're rudely stuffed into a space ship and launched to Alpha Centauri...but they really on...

The Suitcase of Amontillado

Jeffrey A. Corkern
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First and foremost, dear reader, be assured the fault for his end was not mine, but Fortunato’s. I am the most tolerant of nobles and thoroughly acquainted with the travails of modern travel; I well k...

Trapped on a Desert Island with the Crew of Firefly

Sarah Quinn
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Scenario: the Serenity crashes on a desert island with only two survivors: one of the crew members, and YOU. Who do you hope makes it off the ship alive? Who’s going to be the best company when you’re...

Carol Burnett's Captain Kirk Impersonation

Will Stape
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American comedy can’t be neatly categorized into one absolute style, like the country from which it springs, it’s a big melting pot. From early, formative clowns such as The Marx Brothers, Milton Berl...

Astronaut Humor

Isaac Shapiro
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Space, the final frontier. Mankind has explored, colonized, and dominated just about every corner of the earth. But it is not our destiny keep our feet planted merely on the dirt. In our bones we know...

How Dinosaurs Had Sex

Claire Evans
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I remember the moment I realized, as an adult, that I didn't know how birds had sex. I was gazing out the window of the library, considering a couple of sparrows on a telephone wire outside. They were...