That which is not, but will be.

The AI Missionary

Adam McCaulley
in Fiction

[Hello, and once again I am back. I just want to thank my followers on Vocal. I am going to be scaling back on my writing for vocal so that I can focus on writing novels. Still if you like what you se...

Brutalist Stories #21

Brutalist Stories
in Fiction

A lifetime of preparation coming down to a moment. The training, all the hours, the pain, the suffering that we all had to go through, now all boiling down to this instance, this next step, and if we ...


Module Ten
in Fiction

A night on Mars. The stars in her eyes as she peered deeply into the night sky. Home alone in her capsule. Home like when she was young. Wedged like a sphynx into a curvature that bore through the out...

Keyboard Killer (Chapter Six)

Rj saxon
in Fiction

Chapter six (Present day.) Tom logged out and closed the lid of his laptop, just as his girlfriend walked through the door. "Did you get my 3 D prints, the structural planning is tomorrow," said Jane ...

One'll Get You Thirty-Six

jeff racho
in Fiction

“Dad, Mr. Rebacky is concerned about your behavior,” Mike said. “Snapping at the other residents. Staying in your room all day. Maybe you should talk to one of the therapists.” J.J. Carlton didn't loo...

The Vagabond's Odyssey

Dr. Williams
in Fiction

In the year 2187, one hundred years after the Great War, the earth is still scorched. Smoldering relics of a time now forgotten litter the land as far as the eye can see. Among the few surviving human...

Exoplanetary 002 - Love For Sale

C. Christopher Hart
in Fiction

Download MP3 Subscribe on iTunes Earlier Episodes - Episode 1 Episode 002 – Love For Sale by C. Christopher Hart Ben Wolverton visits the home of an asteroid miner and discovers that Exoplanetary's Hu...


Don Foxe
in Fiction

CONCEPTION will be the first short story in the summer 2017 release of Concourse, the first collection of back stories in the Space Fleet Sagas. "My fascination with Mars is a reflection of our collec...


Marc Pachon
in Fiction

First contact could have gone better. The beings visiting Earth had learned how to leave behind their physical bodies so long ago that the idea of an awakened mind being tethered to meat was at best q...

Keyboard Killer (Chapter Five)

Rj saxon
in Fiction

Chapter Five 'You have reached your destination,' voiced Lexis GPS system, as Dr Henson pulled into the drive of the beach house. Inside, Kelly Henson sat next to receiver 27, brandishing a shotgun fr...

There Not Here

Rj saxon
in Fiction

There not here Part one. It had been two weeks since the last visit, he didn't know why they chose him, what he did know was that nobody believed him. It usually arrived around midnight, waking him fr...


Storyteller IRT
in Fiction

WingsThey says its the words of the old but it never fades from their mind, a time for a better future, a time better for all kind. The one born without wings will fly, the one born without wings will...

Screaming Metal (Part 008)

Made in DNA
in Fiction

And manhandling her as her earlier captors had, he shoved her through a portal and then thrust something small and hard into her hands. His scraggly, bearded face had appeared out of nowhere before he...

The Greater Good

Don Urban
in Fiction

“Didn’t your grandfather hurdle an asteroid at this planet?” Squirt asked as soon as the spaceship emerged from the worm-hole. “My great-grandfather.” The Captain corrected him. “That was few million ...

Alex The Inventor-Chapter 11 (Pt.1)

G.F. Brynn
in Fiction

Chapters 1 - 10 can be read at: Deep Sky Stories

Quantum Stills of a Thin-Spun Life - Part 3

Theresa McGarry
in Fiction

Back in the habs again, Dre-jin anchored himself with one foot on a torn locker hinge, bent over at the waist, his breath cutting into his throat as he attempted to draw air in, expel it out. His post...