From distant universes and the minds of today's great sci-fi writers.

Stalker's Night Live!

Nick Lotz
in Fiction

He gritted his nicotine stained teeth, staring at the computer screen that illuminated his sweaty face. Pressing his finger to his temple, he shouted into the empty room “Come on, Barnaby Willickers, ...


Clayton Moss
in Fiction

Datum 28. 04. AD3484. (Terra) Vicis GMT-1648. Upon entering, the first thing I notice is a supercomputer dominating a large portion of the room’s physical space. On the opposite end of the room is a w...

Midnight, Chapter 2

Conner Faller
in Fiction

Imagine a time... a time where there was constant blood shed, constant war, constant death... place yourself in this place of war and darkness, how would you react? What would you do? What COULD you d...

Immortal's Tale Chapter 6

Mo Darasi
in Fiction

The group's leader was Shockwave. He is a famous tactician type hero who has led many superhero assault teams in the past. He emits high frequency sound waves that can repel physical objects among oth...

Inside Out Space

Stephen Fegely
in Fiction

“As we have suggested to the supreme member body of the Milky Way Galaxy Tribunation. The expedition to the third planet has been plotted out to be 80,500 pc from Ailien. We have been monitoring the p...

Brutalist Stories #26

Brutalist Stories
in Fiction

Fifteen years? Seems longer somehow. Fifteen years ago they appeared in the sky. From Zero, things hit One pretty quickly. Boom, they were just there, one minute we’re alone in the universe, well, at ...

Alex The Inventor-Chapter 17

G.F. Brynn
in Fiction

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Outrun Stories #26

Outrun Stories
in Fiction

Hiding in the night, that’s all I’ve got now. I didn’t ask to be turned into one of these things. Sure, fucking sure, it always seemed to me that it would be pretty cool, the reality? Very different. ...

The Hamrelstein Institute

Kellis Charles Lewis
in Fiction

Log: Dream 5/25/2017 12-1:45 PM We were in a large dark room lit only by several various terrariums containing mundane or exotic plants and animals and we were writing something down about them, their...

Dream Stalker

Dawn Marie Styles
in Fiction

Prologue Running as fast as she could with two babies wrapped in a blanket, clutched close to her chest; her breathing becoming more erratic and her heart pumping wildly caused uncontrolled fear to se...

Waking Up

Lara Alice
in Fiction

I woke up shouting in my bed. I woke up from my own scream. The plane was falling down very rapidly and I got very scared, grabbed Marco’s hand and then my scream traveled from my dream into my waking...

The Grand Anomaly

J.C. S.
in Fiction

How could you not be bitter? Cassandra lay on her left side, hoping at any moment Erin would walk through her door to be beside her. She was seven months pregnant now. Feet in ribs, weight heavy on th...

In Vitro Summation

Vinny J
in Fiction

A faint rumbling penetrated this ancient darkness, the first vibrations its halls experienced in millennia. The rhythmic whir and tumble of sound grew from wide and distant to a narrow, piercing point...


Nicholas Anthony
in Fiction

The Fates don’t play favourites. They play their own cruel game, toying with each thread of existence, ensnaring all who dare to reach out for their own destiny. A lust to exact heinous and petty trea...


Paul Levinson
in Fiction

It’s been this way all of my life. Like when I was in high school, and we’d be reading our homework assignments out loud, and some kid would stand up right before me and read pretty much what I had wr...

Colony of the Horizontal Tree (Chapter One)

F. Simon Grant
in Fiction

Colony Colcolson happened to be reading The Exhaustive Catalogue of Tiny Kingdoms when the girl (Melanie Gellar) first wrapped his wrist in hair (he only realized this coincidence years later after Me...