Joshua Sky

Originally from Maui, Hawaii, Joshua is a multi-award winning writer based in LA. He has written for Marvel, SciFutures, Motherboard, Geeks and is represented by Abrams Artist Agency.

Into The Expanse and Beyond: A Conversation with Television Showrunner Naren Shankar
15 days ago
Naren Shankar has a long-running career in science fiction television. He's written for such critically acclaimed series as Star Trek: The Next Generation, SeaQuest DSV, Farscape, and The Outer Limits...
Where X Marks the Spot: An Interview with Steve Barnes
a month ago
Steve Barnes is a writer, lecturer, personal performance coach and a killer philosopher. He has published more than 25 science fiction, fantasy and horror novels, including New York Times bestsellers....
Interview with Trina Phillips, Chief Futurist at SciFutures
a month ago
Trina Phillips is a writer, editor and one of the chief futurists at SciFutures, a company dedicated to helping companies bridge the gap between science fiction and reality, via ideation, prototyping ...
A Conversation with Fabrice Giger, CEO of Humanoids
3 months ago
Fabrice Giger is easily one of the most influential trailblazers in the comic book world, yet many fans and professionals don’t know his story. In 1988, at the age of 23, he purchased Humanoids, Europ...
Writers of the Future Volume 33 and Beyond
3 months ago
Last week I had the privilege of attending the 33rd Writers of The Future Awards Gala at the Ebell Theater in Los Angeles. Prior to Gala #32 last year, I grappled to determine whether attending would ...
Universe Hunting
6 months ago
A big part of collecting science fiction novels is the thrill of the hunt. The fact that the books aren't always easy to find adds a game element to discovering and buying them. It can be quite satisf...