Joshua Gonzalez

Born in Spain in 1994, to an American father and Spanish mother. After many years, I'm finally pursuing my dream of being an author. Published works are Team Equilibrium and The March of the Black Moths.

Son Of Titan
4 days ago
"The hell is that?" Mick turned to look at Oscar, sitting at the commander's station and focused on one of the screens in front of him, bathing his face in a green hue. "What?", the gunner asked. A sh...
Son Of Titan
11 days ago
The Atomic Badger had moved away from that graveyard of steel, leaving behind the ghosts of her sister tanks. John sat at the controls, driving the tank destroyer with the skill of a seasoned veteran....
Son Of Titan
19 days ago
Pitch black, to the point he wasn't sure if he had opened his eyes. He couldn't even see his hand right in front of his face. Slowly he could start making out the tiny lights on the control panels, th...