J.C. S.

I am a self published author of science fiction/fantasy. JCS is a registered trademark (I like my pseudo name!) 

I own a small company known as Byond Epic Ent as well.

Repetitive Satire
8 days ago
An instance is gratification for those who travel continuously throughout the universe. It can be used for taking a breath. A small thought. A whisper. Or taking it all in. And then it becomes a momen...
The Immaterial
11 days ago
“I remember the second time that man came back into my life. So cool and calm. He appeared hovering in a time warp over a customer’s living room table. They thought it was a bad trip, and Erin acted a...
The Seventh Level
17 days ago
Mounds and mounds of sand. As far as any eye could see. Or fathom. Erin sat on one mound of sand that was close to several other isles. He was alone. As far as he knew… Not a bird. Lizard. Coconut. No...
25 days ago
The hollowing of silence is an instance each human needs to experience to understand the power behind isolation. To some, it seems desolate and obscene. But to Erin, who can't even be considered a hum...
The Grand Anomaly
a month ago
How could you not be bitter? Cassandra lay on her left side, hoping at any moment Erin would walk through her door to be beside her. She was seven months pregnant now. Feet in ribs, weight heavy on th...
The King's Court
2 months ago
Brilliance is the eloquence of intelligence. They are not one in the same, yet they are symbiotic. It is suggested you can't have one without the other. Yes. And Erin hated that. Here he was...in a pl...