daniel morris

Sci fi writer, Laser maker, tecnician, Navy Vet, one that enjoys video and board games, and movies

Symbiote Chapter 6
3 hours ago
Hanover and some other techs are tasked with proving a problem with the radar exists, much to Hanover's disdain. The radar equipment room of the Tesla was full of towers containing the circuitry that ...
Symbiote Chapter 7
a day ago
After the pass and review to welcome the newest cadets to the special forces, Amatzu meets up with an old friend who has a favor to ask. Not being able to say no, she sacrifices her night to go on a p...
Dark System 2
a day ago
After a short recovery, three of the Erickson's crew must brave the elements of Niflheim to find a permanent colony, little do they know, the cold is not the most dangerous thing on this frigid ball.....
Symbiote Chapter 5
6 days ago
This was a day long in coming. This was the day that cadets miraculously became soldiers. This was pass and review, when the greatest warriors would stand before their charges and take the oath to def...
Symbiote Chapter 4
2 months ago
Dawn spread serenely across the waters of Kittery. As the shift from nocturne roused the weary souls of Tesla’s crew, Vanessa sat by herself in the furthest corner of the mess decks as possible from e...
Symbiote Chapter 3
2 months ago
The office of the Minister of War was spartan and utilitarian, as was befitting a high level Bruish bureaucrat. Though they felt no need for any kind of decoration, visiting dignitaries of other speci...