Anya Wassenberg

I'm a long time freelance writer of both fiction and non-fiction.

NASA: Jupiter's Great Red Spot Up Close
14 days ago
NASA's Juno mission has begun to release the very latest images from its JunoCam, taken July 10, 2017 during its close flyby near Jupiter's famous Great Red Spot. It was Juno's sixth flyby near the ga...
Solar Eclipse 2017
a month ago
Solar eclipse 2017—are you ready for it? On August 21, 2017, for the first time in 99 years, a total eclipse of the sun will pass across the entire continental United States.
Exoplanet Update: NASA Releases New Kepler Data
a month ago
NASA released the latest data from the Kepler space telescope project. A total of 219 objects were identified as new planet candidates. More significantly, 10 of those were determined to be possible E...
NASA: Juno Delivers First Jupiter Data
2 months ago
Jupiter, it turns out, is even more wonderfully complicated than earth's scientists had previously imagined. NASA's Juno Mission has resulted in the first flurry of research papers that look to find c...
Dance of the Eleusians
5 months ago
His blue limbs gleamed coolly in the hot air, they arched and flexed with unhurried grace. He spun sinuously in the air, catching the light of the sun in his hair. His was the only movement in the cir...
Blood Brothers
5 months ago
The sunlight is pale through the haze, though its potency is not diminished by the sodden layer of air beneath. It seems almost to weigh down upon the earth, thickening to a mist that hovers just abov...